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The Psychology Sensor Lab

Dr David A. Ellis > Lecturer in Psychology at Lancaster University and an Honorary Research Fellow at The University of Lincoln.

Dr Lukasz Piwek > Lecturer in Data Science at the University of Bath.

Postdocs and RAs

Dr James Memole-Doodson (DSTL Postdoc) > Using digital footprints for selection and recruitment

Miss Libby-Rae Kendrick (RA) > Predicting smartphone operating system from personality and individual differences – now published here

Mr Ashley Osborne (FST, RA) > Digital detox: The effect of smartphone withdrawal on mood, anxiety and cognitive bias

PhD Students

Miss Heather Shaw > (Lincoln Studentship) The Self and Mobile Technology

Mr Kristoffer Geyer > (ESRC funded) Enhancing our Understanding of Digital Traces

Masters Students


Kayleigh Renouf (2015, MSc) > Forensic markers of mobile phone use – now a district manager of security and loss prevention for TJX Europe

Lab Alumni

Miss Cara Hay (2015, UROS, RA) > recently secured a place on a general management graduate recruitment scheme at Whitbread.

Dr Sally Andrews  (2015, RIF, Postdoc) >  now a Lecturer in Psychology at Nottingham Trent University.


Prof Paul J. Taylor (Lancaster and Twente University)

Prof Adam Joinson (University of Bath)

Dr Oscar Martinez-Mozos (Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (UPCT))

Dr Thomas Wilcockson (Lancaster University)

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