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Prof David A. Ellis and Dr Lukasz Piwek

Information, Decisions and Operations Group

School of Management

University of Bath, UK
Psychology Department
Lancaster University, UK
Kristoffer Geyer (2022, PhD) > Enhancing our understanding of digital traces – now a data scientist in the NHS.
Holly Marquez (2021, MSc) > Driving an actionable improvement in environmental driving efficiency – now based in The Behavioural Insights Team
Heather Shaw (2020, PhD) > Examining individual differences through ‘everyday’ smartphone behaviours: Exploring theories and methods – now a PostDoc at Lancaster University.
Rahul Roy (2019, MSc) > Predicting Future Loads of EVs on Distribution Networks across the UK – now a PhD student at the University of Texas at Dallas
Kayleigh Renouf (2015, MSc) > Forensic markers of mobile phone use – now a district manager of security and loss prevention for TJX Europe
Lab Alumni
Tom Roberts > (HEIF IAA, RA) 
Ashley Osborne (FST, RA) > now pursuing a PhD
Libby-Rae Kendrick (RA) > now a psychological wellbeing practitioner
Cara Hay (UROS, RA) > now in industry
Dr Sally Andrews  (RIF, Postdoc) >  now a Principal Lecturer in Psychology at Nottingham Trent University.
Dr Andrea Towse (Jisc, RA)

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