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Dr David A. Ellis, Dr Brittany I. Davidson and Dr Lukasz Piwek

Information, Decisions and Operations Group

School of Management

University of Bath, UK
Dr Heather Shaw and Kristoffer Geyer 
School of Psychology
Lancaster University, UK
Prof Adam Joinson (University of Bath)
Dr Oscar Martinez-Mozos (Örebro University)
Dr Jared Piazza (Lancaster University)
Prof Paul J. Taylor (Lancaster and Twente University)
Prof John Towse (Lancaster University)
Dr Thomas Wilcockson (Loughborough University)
Kristoffer Geyer (2022, PhD) > Enhancing our understanding of digital traces – now a data scientist in the NHS.
Holly Marquez (2021, MSc) > Driving an actionable improvement in environmentaldriving efficiency – now based in The Behavioural Insights Team
Heather Shaw (2020, PhD) > Examining individual differences through ‘everyday’ smartphone behaviours: Exploring theories and methods – now a PostDoc at Lancaster University.
Rahul Roy (2019, MSc) > Predicting Future Loads of EVs on Distribution Networks across the UK – now a PhD student at the University of Texas at Dallas
Kayleigh Renouf (2015, MSc) > Forensic markers of mobile phone use – now a district manager of security and loss prevention for TJX Europe
Lab Alumni
Tom Roberts > (HEIF IAA, RA) 
Ashley Osborne (FST, RA) > now pursing a PhD
Libby-Rae Kendrick (RA) > now a psychological wellbeing practitioner
Cara Hay (UROS, RA) > now at Whitbread.
Dr Sally Andrews  (RIF, Postdoc) >  now a Principal Lecturer in Psychology at Nottingham Trent University.
Dr Andrea Towse (Jisc, RA)

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