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Privacy Agreement for Smartphone Applications


Who is collecting the data?

The application was primarily designed so that it would be useful for psychological research. However, location data can be collected for any purpose. The location data collected will only be accessible by others if the end user chooses to share the encrypted file and accompanying password via email.

What data is being collected?

PEG log collects two types of data. One encrypted file contains readings of latitude, longitude, estimated accuracy and a time stamp. A second file consists of a time-stamped report documenting any problems that prevent or limit the collection of location data. This might include, for example, the absence of a cellular signal, if the phone has been turned off, or if location permissions have not been provided or subsequently revoked.

How secure is the data?

Standard Android sandbox security protocols are utilised in addition to data encryption procedures. This ensures that (a) third party applications are unable to access location data stored and (b) data stored on the device cannot be read by another person without the appropriate password.

IMPORTANT – Android users with rooted phones or who have reason to believe that they have compromised security should not use this application. It is the users responsibility to ensure the integrity of their smartphone security before installing this application.

What is the legal bias for processing the data?

The data will only be accessible to researchers when a user has sent encrypted files and an accompanying password. This is interpreted as giving consent to process the data for the purposes of scientific research.

IMPORTANT FOR USERS AND RESEARCHERS – Files and passwords should not be sent in the same email.

Will the data collected be shared with the third parties?

The user has complete control over who has access to their data. They must export the file and their password to the intended recipient in order to provide access.

How will the information be used?

The data collected is intended to be used by scientists who are attempting to better understand how individual and group movements relate to other scientific phenomena.

How long will the data be stored?

The data will be stored for as long as the individual has the application installed on their phone. When the user decides to uninstall the application, all associated data will be deleted.

What rights does the data participant have?

If used as part of scientific research, a participant should be informed regarding the nature of the research in line with standard ethical procedures. Similarly, participants should have been informed by researchers directly regarding how sent data will be processed and/or shared.

The application will provide permanent written and icon based notifications to remind users that data is being collected.

The application provides participants ability to access their own data.

Participants can withdraw at any point by simply uninstalling the application, which also deletes all subsequent data.

Who should I contact if I have problems associated with data collection?

Please contact the developer if you have any further questions or suggestions regarding the functionality of this application.

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