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International Magazine Articles

iNews: Why social media and screen time can be bad for children, but rarely as bad as parents fear (Mar 2022)

Help Net Security: How mobile app usage data could reveal a person’s identity (Feb 2022)

Men’s Health: Why Young Men Need Social Media, Now More than Ever (Apr 2021)

Forbes: Why Assumptions About ‘Smartphone Addiction’ May Be Based On Shaky Evidence (Jun 2019)

New Statesman: Stop scaremongering about kids spending time on their phones (Jan 2019)

The Verge: The problem with studies saying phones bad for you? (Dec 2018)

New Scientist: Almost Everything we Know about Social Media and Health could be Wrong (Dec 2018)

Wired: The Research Behind Google’s New Tools for Digital Well-Being (May 2018)

New Scientist: Google’s New Project will Gather Health Data from 10,000 (Apr 2017)

The Guardian: The Five Lessons I Learned from Breaking my Smartphone (Jan 2017)

The Inquirer: Smartphone Personality (Nov 2016)

The New York Times: The End of Reflection (Jun 2016)

Wired: Are you addicted to your phone (video, Mar 2016)

The Telegraph: Fitness Trackers (Feb 2016)

The Daily Mail: How often do you check your phone? (Oct 2015)

Radio and Television

SciShow: Can your phone activity identify you? (Apr 2022)

BBC Radio Shropshire: Mid-morning (May 2021)

BBC Radio 4: Inside Science (Jun 2019)

BBC News: Technology Usage (Aug 2018)

BBC World Service: Smartphone Personality (Dec 2016)

ABC Radio: Witness the Fitness (Apr 2016)

BBC Radio 4: Gym Gadgets (Apr 2016)

BBC Look North: Smartphone use (Oct 2015)

Other Articles

University of Bath – Bath Business and Society Blog: The new technology designed to tackle workplace stress (Aug 2022)

University of Bath – Public Engagement Showcase: Is new technology ruining your life? (May 2021)

The Conversation: Time spent on smartphones not linked to mental health problems – new research (Nov 2020)

The Conversation: Digital detoxes are a solution looking for a problem (Jan 2019)

The Conversation: Do fitness trackers make you fitter (Feb 2016)

Evidence submitted as part of the COVID-19 Select Committee (Lords) Living Online: the long-term impact on wellbeing. LOL0069 (2021)

Evidence submitted as part of Science and Technology Committee (Commons) Impact of social media and screen-use on young people’s health inquiry. SMH0104 (2018)

14th Report – Impact of social media and screen-use on young people’s health (Jan 2019) Government Response (May 2019)

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