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International Magazine Articles

New Scientist: Google’s New Project will Gather Health Data from 10,000 People

The Guardian: The Five Lessons I Learned from Breaking my Smartphone

The Inquirer: Smartphone Personality (November 2016)

The New York Times: The End of Reflection (June 2016)

Wired: Are you addicted to your phone (video, March 2016)

The Telegraph: Fitness Trackers (February 2016)

The Daily Mail: How often do you check your phone? (October 2015)

Radio and Television

BBC World Service: Smartphone Personality (December 2016)

ABC Radio: Witness the Fitness (April 2016)

BBC Radio 4: Gym Gadgets (April 2016)

BBC Radio 5 Live: Moving to Daylight Savings Time could be bad for you (March 2016)

BBC Look North: Smartphone use (October 2015)


Other News Articles

The Conversation: Do fitness trackers make you fitter (February 2016)